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New Zealand’s First Carbon Zero Farm

This month in The Goldpine Post, we are proud to say we have made a few changes. You’ll see that we have spent a lot of time with people in the agriculture industry getting a lay of the land. There is so much good going on in the industry with people working really hard to ensure we are doing the best we can by the environment, whilst also delivery the world’s best natural products.

To launch this month, we had the pleasure of visiting Geoff Ross on Lake Hawea Station, soon after they had been announced as the First Carbon Zero farm in New Zealand. Geoff has an extensive background in business and advertising, but grew up with a farming background. On returning to farming, Geoff and his family have approached it from a slightly different angle and seem to be reaping the rewards.

Another small addition is our State of the Industry. The State of the Industry this month has covered the beef industry and should give you a quick but detailed understanding of the beef sector. But we didn’t stop there. We went on to have a chat with some of the experts in the industry to get a feel for the pressures they are under.

Hope you enjoy!