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Their durability and strength is due to the selection of mature, high density wood and the fact that our Superposts® are produced from further down the same tree.

Superposts® - Super Strength

In order to demonstrate the confidence we have in the strength of our High Density, High Strength posts, Goldpine has developed our own purpose built strength tester.

50 Year Treatment Guarantee

Goldpine is able to offer a full 50 year treatment guarantee (against insect and fungal attack) on all posts and poles we produce.

"When fencing in an environment like the Te Anau Basin you need a strong product — Goldpine's Superposts fit the bill perfectly, plus they are great value for money."

— Chris Daley — Fencetec, Southland

You break 'em, we'll replace 'em!

Because we produce Superposts® only from the very best, high-density, mature logs they have incredible strength; strength that has been tested and strength that we guarantee. This means that if you break a Superpost® while you are driving it under normal conditions, we will replace it.

What size do they come in?

The traditional Superpost® offers higher strength than the equivalent round and is often better value, at a range of sizes to suit your individual job.