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The Best Screw For Outdoor Timber! Think a screw is a screw? Not always — GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws are screws with a difference, screws that are not only specifically designed for use in outdoor treated timber but they also come with some fantastic little features.

Fast Entry

GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws have an innovative quad cutter on the screw tip that provides the fastest and easiest of starts but also does away with the need to pre-drill the timber giving you a fast entry and saving you considerable time.

Super Strong Hold

GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws have an innovative "shank knurl" which reduces timber splintering and splitting plus it is also designed to enlarge the hole in the uppermost of the two pieces of timber being joined so they'll be close and tighter, increasing the screw’s holding strength.


GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws are 14 gauge (6.3mm) which is ideal for light to heavy duty applications and because they are Class 4 galvanised you can have confidence that GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws won’t deteriorate when used in outdoor treated timber.

Exclusive to Goldpine

GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws are supplied in convenient re-sealable plastic containers and are available exclusively through Goldpine. If you want a screw that has strong holding power that is designed for use in outdoor treated timber, then grab some GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws today!

Protect your GOFENCE® TORNADO® Screws in transit and carry multiple GOFENCE® products on your belt with our Reusable Storage Solutions.

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