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Farm Culvert Pipe


Farm Culvert Pipe

Water where you want it

Looking for the perfect solution to help with water care and control? With our newest range of farm culverts, we have everything you need to help manage water with confidence and create more fertile and usable land on the farm.

Range of options

Ideal for farmers, lifestyle block owners, contractors, and civil and forestry workers, our range of Corrugated Twin Wall Culvert and Smooth Single Wall Culvert have different features and benefits to ensure that you get the best value possible out of the product.

Large stocks available

Do you need one length of culvert pipe or six lengths? Well, it doesn't really matter because not only do we have access to, we also hold large stock volumes in store. We have you sorted on a full range of sizes from 110mm diameter to 450mm in stock, with large diameters readily available. With both our Smooth Single Wall Culvert and Corrugated Twin Wall Culvert, we ensure there are stocks of both style in every size nationwide, so you don't need to wait and can get your culvert project sorted right away.

<h4 style="text-align:center; Color:#004d43;font-style: italic;padding:2rem 6rem;font-weight:500;">"When I’m putting in laneways, I also install two culvert pipes to keep the natural flow of water running across the countryside. Goldpine runs a pretty good deal on culvert pipe and I just grab a pile of them because I use them really quickly."</h4>

<p style="text-align: center;">— Colin Clark, Dunedin</p>

Specialist Knowledge

From listening to our customers, the team at Goldpine know that every site and job has its own challenges, so not just any old culvert will do. From understanding the requirements specific to you, we use our knowledge to help ensure the culvert for your job is specified correctly.

<h4 style="text-align:center; Color:#004d43;font-style: italic;padding:2rem 6rem;font-weight:500;">"I find the product very good – they’re excellent. In total, I’ve bought about 20 from Goldpine for that very reason. I keep getting the same product because I’m happy and satisfied with the product that’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing."</h4>

<p style="text-align: center;">— Stan Brough, Invercargill</p>