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The RHINO®, one of Goldpine’s newest fence posts, is a fence post with a difference! Easy to work with and easy to handle, this post not only looks good, it's big and strong and its smooth finish means you don't have to worry about damage to your stock and there are attachment options all around the post.

Tough as hide, smooth as silk

The RHINO® is big and strong, perfect for heavy duty jobs, but also smooth making it easy to handle and stock friendly.

Full flat face — perfect for rails

The RHINO® provides attachment options all around the post and the full flat face is perfect for strong, secure rail attachments.

"A big, strong, versatile post that's easy to handle and stock friendly. I can see Goldpine's Rhino being a great value option for many uses."

— Aaron Best — Nelson

50 year treatment guarantee

All Goldpine's post carry a 50 year treatment guarantee giving you peace of mind that these posts will last the distance.

The unique shape of the RHINO® is a trademark of Goldpine