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Goldpine sources logs from Nelson's high density pine forests, one of only two high density forest regions in New Zealand, and high density means high strength!

High Strength & Long Life

Goldpine's Electropoles® are renowned for their high strength and long life which comes from the density of the trees we source as well as CCA treatment. Along with Goldpine's own testing, research from organisations such as Scion (formerly New Zealand Forest Research Institute) and the Ministry for Primary Industries, prove that high density equals high strength.

The Carbon Cycle

Forests and wood are an integral part of the carbon cycle as they absorb, store and release oxygen and reabsorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Using wood is one of the best ways to address climate change.

Tree Maturity

As trees mature, their growth rings become more compressed. Once a tree has reached around 25 years of age, it is at optimum density. Many other companies source their poles from trees known as "thinnings". These thinnings are the young immature trees that are removed from the forest to allow the premium trees to grow. You can tell the difference between a thinning and a mature pole by studying the growth rings.


All Goldpine poles are CCA treated for outdoor use. Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) preservative reacts with the wood to form chemical complexes that are highly insoluble and leach resistant. Testing by Government agencies and consumer groups has shown CCA treated timber to be very safe.


The existence of checks indicates the wood has dried out and the pole will therefore be stiffer and stronger than one which has not dried out.