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Attainable, Profitable and Sustainable

This month in The Goldpine Post, we had the pleasure to touch base with Peter Barrett of Linnburn Station to understand what makes their property tick. Following our discussion with Jono Frew, we thought we would take a look at how the regenerative plantings work on a functioning property. Peter was able to show us around the property, understanding the goal they were trying to achieve before leading it back to the accounts. As we all know, farming must remain profitable for it to be sustainable and that's the question we all want answered, "Is regenerative farming profitable?"

Also in this month's edition is coverage of the GODZone adventure race in Rotorua. We proudly sponsor the GOFENCE Marlborough team, who are made up of proud contractors, farmers and wine-makers from the Marlborough district. Tackling a 600km adventure race is no easy feat, but the team jumped in with both feet and we were able to follow along.

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