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The Great Kiwi Edition

This month, we have changed the look of the Goldpine Post to release a special edition, focusing on the great kiwis that we deal with around the country every day. While we often feature different business profiles, this month we decided to create a snapshot of some of the different people we deal with. As you'll see, our community contains a variety of individuals, from all around New Zealand.

For over 40 years, Goldpine has been in the rural. community delivering high quality service and products. We are a family business, built on utilising a natural, sustainable resource in New Zealand. Much like farmers, we believe in making use of a clean, green, natural product, grown locally, and that this is the way forward. Our products are made to reach the highest standard and that is something we are fiercely proud of. You need products that you can trust to do their job, day-in day-out. The fact that our product comes from a sustainable resource and positively affects the environment is just another reason to be using wood. While we believe in our benefits, it's our customers that value them, so they should be the ones to speak about them.

There is so much good happening in the rural community and while farmers can often feel like they are in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, we feel it's important to highlight the amazing people and the good activity that is going on. Throughout the rural community, from horticulture and vineyards to New Zealand's biggest and smallest farms, there are great New Zealanders doing great activities every day. It's on farms that we have seen the restoration of native forests, improved waterways and a bond between farmers and their livestock. These people are out there working off the land for the love of it. They have respect for their livestock, their harvest and their land. They know that better produce will come from happy, healthy livestock and better harvests come from nutrient-rich soils. The rural community has done an amazing job and will continue to shine into the future. While we would love to shine a light on all the good people in the rural community, we can only show so many. The people highlighted in these profiles were selected to show a variety of backgrounds and a good span of New Zealand. Whether it's Carolyn Dreaver on a lifestyle block in Canterbury, Brian Thompson growing an iconic New Zealand fruit in the north or Joe Liddell farming the land in the south, one thing rings true across them all; they are passionately rural.

We've made it our mission to serve this community in the best way we know how. Our rural community needs the support so that they can continue to produce the best and most efficient natural products in the world. To play our part, we strive to provide the best service and product we can to make rural activity easier. Some of this may include our 50-year treatment guarantee and our high density resources to ensure our roundwood and farm buildings exceed expectations. It might be our continuous research and development of products, ensuring that the solution is spot on or that the best value for our rural community is attained. Or it might be that our nationwide network of stores, our delivery system and great customer service from our team is what you need to make things easier. Whatever it may be, we are here to support rural in the best way we know how. Every day, we strive to deliver the best product and service in the industry but we can't do this alone.