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Waihua Station: A Multi-Faceted Beef Operation

It was a crisp autumn day when we caught up with Rose Haynes at her sheep and beef farm, Waihua Station in Wairoa, an hour and a quarter north of Napier. The Haynes family have owned the land for over 140 years and whilst the farm is rich in family history, Rose’s approach is firmly future- focused and dedicated to diversification, sustainable practices, and adaptability.

Rose’s family have been farming in Wairoa since 1882, when her great, great grandfather, originally coming to the area to oversee another block, ended up purchasing Waihua Station and began farming it. Today, Rose owns and manages the property, along with the help of her two daughters; Saba and Jess and their three Jack Russell Terriers. Saba and Jess are now the sixth generation of the Haynes family farming on the property.

The shift to selling direct has been a rewarding one for Rose; it creates an added sense of value and purpose in her work by seeing the full cycle from producing to selling, and it gives customers transparency too, knowing exactly where their meat comes from.

Alongside the farming and meat production, Rose has also focused on creating diversity within the business through on-site accommodation (both an existing heritage house and a new eco-cabin), as well as a coffee cart, a merino wool project (working with Ilana Cheiban from New Zealand Mecates who produce merino reins and tack) and the farm shop, where she makes pizza on Sundays alongside her daughters.