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Mitch Van Dam: G&M Fencing

G&M Fencing

It was a hot summer’s day when we visited Mitch in Waitoa, just ten minutes from Te Aroha township.

Mitch and his father, Geoff, were working on a seven-wire fencing project for a rural block. While we were there, Mitch was happy to show us how he installs a stay assembly.

Mitch has two years’ experience under his belt, initially completing a full year of fencing back in his 20s, and more recently, fencing alongside Geoff for a year. Before co-founding G&M Fencing, Mitch was driving tractors and maize harvesters, working long hours with minimal physical labour. “I wanted more of a physical challenge and more of a lifestyle. I love being outdoors, hunting, and spearfishing, but when it came to my old job, I was always at work,” he said.

Mitch grew up on a dairy farm, and learnt everything he needed to know about fencing from Geoff. There were always fences to put up on the property, so there was a lot of time for practice. “We always loved our fencing, Dad and I, and we finally made it a reality.”

G&M Fencing covers the whole Waikato region, mainly focusing on rural fencing, although they do a bit of residential fencing as well. “Being outdoors is what I love most about my job – that, and the physicality of it,” Mitch added.

If you require any fencing work within the Waikato region, get in touch with Mitch and Geoff at G&M Fencing; they’re ready and able to help you out with your next project.