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Mike Gee-Taylor: You Get Out What You Put In

Four years ago, Mike got the opportunity to purchase another farm four kilometres up the road from Glencorran, featuring 107 hectares of bare land, which he named Pemberton. He had a three-year succession plan for Pemberton to re-grass, fence and fix up the place to use as a block to finish lambs, which was accomplished within the desired timeframe. This complements Glencorran, which is hill country breeding. The succession plans continued when Mike bought Tawai Farm across the road from Pemberton 20 months ago. The 300-hectare property was in dire need of attention, with the previous owners leaving it in a poor condition. The first step was to clean up all of the trash that was left on the farm. During this time, it was hard to see how this farm could transition from rags to riches, but Mike put a five-year plan in place to tidy up Tawai like he did with the last, including starting a fencing business to outsource fencing work to subsidise on-farm costs.

Mike has the confidence to know that when he hangs up his boots, the three farms will be left in capable hands and will be part of the family succession that he implemented.

His other daughter is also heavily into farming and is part of a shearing gang in Alexandra. On the farm, he has Taylor, who runs the fencing side of the operation, a head shepherd, and a Growing Future Farmers cadet.