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Jamie Beer: Permanent Wire Strainer Usage

Fence Worx Foxhill

We visited Jamie at his Tasman-based property as he showed us three ways to use a GOFENCE Permanent Wire Strainer.

Located in rural Nelson, Jamie has been the owner and operator of his business for the past five years, focusing on farm, lifestyle, and residential fencing.

With over 20 years of experience in the fencing world, Jamie decided to go out on his own after gaining experience working as a builder in Christchurch and Australia, farm and stock managing in rural Hawkes Bay and Marlborough, and using diggers for earth and forestry work. Jamie is part of a team of five, including his partner Nicola who runs business administration.

One of Jamie’s favourite types of fencing is post and rail, as it looks nice and tidy once completed. Along with post and rail, he’s been doing a lot of sheep and deer netting fencing for local farmers within the area. “I like to give everything a go, especially with having a building background. We don’t just do rural; we do residential, we build decks, and we do pole sheds. There’s always a change of location; it’s never the same, and there’s always different terrain you’re working with,” Jamie said.

Jamie likes to keep up with innovation and is always looking at ways he can improve, so his brother-in-law built a netting machine to speed up his fencing process. “The netting machine carries a kilometre of netting which speeds us up three to five times faster. It also takes the chore out of the job too.”

On his lifestyle block, Jamie leases part of the property to a farmer who runs sheep and Angus heifers, so he’s always just a step away from some sort of rural setting. As he enjoys the aspect of using machinery and working in a rural setting, Jamie realised he wanted to be fencer. Now, the message that Jamie would give to those starting out in the industry would be to have the right equipment for the job.

“You’ve got to have good gear; it’s expensive, but it’s worth it; otherwise, you’re forever chasing tail. Goldpine is good to deal with, and they supply a better product than anyone else out there. Having the right equipment for the job is important too; it makes life easier,” he said.