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The Post September 2023

The number one source of Calcium

Welcome to our September edition of The Post. This month, we Focus on the dairy industry — New Zealand's largest value-added export that helps pave the way For our economy. Based in southeast Auckland, Whitford is home to Donald's Farm, a dairy property gifted to New Zealand Young Farmers by Donald Pearson to connect more people with agriculture. Managed by Sam Waugh, the Farm hosts educational programmes For school-aged children, and community days for people to learn more about dairy farming and agriculture.

Electric fencing is a cost-effective option for keeping stock within boundaries and away From Fences. We show you an electric Fencing tip on how to set up an earth system.

We visited Reza Abdul-Jabbar and his wife Khadijah at their Southland dairy Farm based in Mokotua. Their admiration For Farming, Family and embracing cultural diversity is evident through their working practices.

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to looking after the environment and preserving our native wildlife. With Four offices nationwide, CVNZ hosts events across the country where groups of volunteers dedicate their time to planting trees. We spoke to Kiri Huddleston, manager of the Auckland-based office, as she talked about the Papakura Stream Restoration Project and ways that people can get involved.

Our State of the Industry article For this month Focuses on dairy. We talk to dairy Farmers and key leaders as they discuss their thoughts and experiences about how the New Zealand dairy industry is progressing.