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WIN YOUR SHED FOR FREE!* - Winners Announced

Congratulations to our shed campaign winners, Rhys and Michelle Houghton. Caleb and Kamate, team members of our Goldpine store in Gore, decided to meet the winners at their property to surprise them with the news. When they arrived, Rhys assumed they were there to discuss his shed plans. So, he started talking to Caleb and Kamate about the shed process, showing them the location of where the build will take place. Rhys also mentioned that his seven-year-old son was fascinated by the whole thing, shadowing him whilst sorting out the deposit, looking over the plans and meeting up with the builders. His son will also have his own workbench in the shed, and Caleb and Kamate reckon that he will be playing foreman for the builders, keeping them on track when they start.

After the shed process conversations ended, they began to tell Rhys the real reason for their visit. “Rhys was barely able to contain his happiness,” Caleb said. “I held onto the information a little at first, not wanting to rush through the surprise. When I finally congratulated him on winning the February shed promotion, he was in disbelief. Rhys told us he had a good feeling and was pushing Michelle to fill out their entry form online late one night because he knew he just had to get his name in the draw, and just as well because it has paid off big time.”

“Rhys and Michelle are both very excited to have their shed plans coming together and they can’t wait to invite us back to look at the finished product. The massive smile Rhys got from the news never diminished. He told us he was about to go out and cut some firewood, but instead, he will have a nice sit down with a cold beer now instead,” Caleb added.