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At Goldpine, we like to keep up with any legislation that may affect the rural community meaning our team can better understand your position and the pressures you face and we also know when new opportunity arises for our community.

One aspect that can seem arduous and costly is gaining consent for farm buildings. While we have done everything we can, through plans and construction to make the process as seamless as possible, it still can be daunting approaching the council and working to their timelines. Well, the good news is there are big changes happening. The Government have recently announced new legislation around building consents and most importantly, single-storey pole sheds and barns.

To be introduced as early as the end of August means that if you got your farm building process underway today, it's likely that (if you fit the criteria) you won't need consent for your structure. What more reason do you need to get in touch today! Remember, the best part is, with the Government changing the building consent exemptions, it just got easier and cheaper to get the farm building you need.

Please note: District Plans and Other Council Rules Even if your farm building meets the exemption requirements you will still need to adhere to district plans and other council rules. This may include such things as minimum distance from boundaries, maximum site coverage and heights allowed, approved cladding colours.