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Specific to You: Mike Sims

In the realm of farming, the bond between a farmer and their shed is often deemed unparalleled. Whether safeguarding prized possessions or providing a dry refuge for livestock during the winter, we understand the pivotal role a shed plays. Our Strongbuilt Farm Building range stands as a testament to meeting the unique needs of farmers. Whilst boasting over 500 standard sheds and off-the-shelf solutions, Goldpine recognises that ultimate satisfaction lies in the nuances of customisation.

One staunch advocate for tailored farm buildings is Mike Sims, a West Coast local. Having successfully assembled five Strongbuilt Farm Buildings, Mike's commitment was further rewarded when he won the price of his shed back in February 2019 through our Win Your Shed For Free* promotion. Collaborating with neighbours, Mike erected his latest structure – a 5-bay lean-to with two lockup bays – on a lifestyle block in Greymouth after relocating from Nelson. The simplicity of the timber frame not only facilitated construction but also allowed for future modifications with ease.

With a solid foundational knowledge of farm buildings, Mike approached Goldpine with a preliminary plan for his new shed. Being a recreational enthusiast, his primary goal was to protect his collection of toys, including motorbikes, vehicles, and a jet boat. Mike envisioned open bays for the vehicles while requiring lockable spaces to secure his prized possessions and shield them from the elements. Additionally, he opted for an extended overhang to provide extra protection against the coastal weather. The incorporation of a concrete floor and coloursteel resulted in a high-quality finish, ensuring the shed was secure, weather-tight, and seamlessly integrated with its surroundings.

Navigating through local council requirements, Mike learned that the West Coast winds mandated that the construction adhere to very high wind specifications. Communicating this challenge to the local Goldpine branch led to a swift adjustment in the plans, ultimately gaining council approval on the second attempt. Mike, no stranger to Strongbuilt sheds, expressed his confidence in their strength, describing them as "bloody strong, simple, and robust."

Whether it's a secure storage space for tools, custom-width bays for a harvester, or a convenient PA door for car access, Strongbuilt empowers you to realise the shed of your dreams. All conceivable options are within reach, making it just a call away to create a Strongbuilt Farm Building tailored to your specific needs. These exclusive structures are available only through Goldpine. Visit your local Farm Building Specialist today and embark on a journey to a solution designed specifically for you.