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Mike Jefford

Mike Jefford
Supervisor, Golden Downs

Originally working as a qualified baker for ten years, Mike joined Goldpine in July 2004 as a stopgap for three months, with plans to head off over the ditch to Australia to travel and work.

Unfortunately, for Mike, but fortunately for us, those travel plans fell through, and the rest, they say, is history.

Mike’s been with us now nearly seventeen years, starting on the quarter station and making his way to Supervisor in July 2017, via the peeler and foreman roles.

Mike’s job has him in the office first thing, recording production, sorting teams, getting ready for the day. He then hits the yard, training new team members where he needs to, working on stations and giving guidance as required so they can hit their targets for the day. He finishes his day organising the nightshift workers due to start when he and the other guys are leaving.

Mike enjoys working outside and enjoys the physicality of the job – keeping fit is important to him and his job certainly helps!

With good bosses, a great working environment, and a drive to smash targets, Mike’s passion for working here at Goldpine is undeniable – thanks Mike for all your hard work over the years!