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Kamate Mamanu

Kamate Mamanu
Started with Goldpine in March 2001
Store Manager — Gore

If you head into any Goldpine store around the country, you are almost guaranteed to see a picture of Kamate Mamanu — Kamate’s been with us for over 19 years and his smiling image is synonymous with the great Goldpine service that he and the rest of our team deliver.

Kamate started at our Gore store before it even became Goldpine! Working at the freezing works, Kamate's days finished early. One day, he was sitting out the back of his house, which is right next to the Goldpine yard (in those days a transport company owned it) having a smoke and a coffee when a fella, who was tidying up the yard, gave him a shout and asked if wanted to earn a little cash in hand. Well, Kamate was up for the additional income, and at the end of his working day at the freezing works, he'd pop over the fence to help out.

When Goldpine purchased the site, Kamate was offered a role as a yardman, and the rest, they say, is history! Moving into a sales role in 2003, Kamate built on his knowledge of the Gore area, and his great customer service, so much so that he was offered the Store Manager role in 2010.

If you ask anyone around Gore what they reckon Kamate brings to our business, we bet you a bucket or two of Kamate's favourite KFC that they'd all say, great customer service with an awesome smile.