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Chris Eggers

Chris Eggers
NZ Sales Manager

Chris started work for Goldpine in May 2016 at our Putaruru store as an Outdoor Timber Specialist, before moving into the manager role in May 2017. Chris continued his rise through the ranks, moving into the North Island Sales Manager position in September 2018, before coming into his current role of NZ Sales Manager in June 2021, still based at Putaruru.

Chris has certainly had a diverse career – after leaving school, he went straight into the army for six years, before moving into silviculture work. After a couple of years, he chose dairy farming and spent eight years managing farms in Manawatū, Hawke’s Bay and the Waikato, and then moved into driving trucks and working in transport logistics.

What a background! It’s no wonder Chris brings to the business a level head, empathy and understanding of our customer base, and a passion to learn new things, every day. He reckons he’s been lucky, saying that anything he’s wanted to do, he’s gone and done it in his career – and that certainly shows with the energy he brings to the business.

Fun, sustainability and profitability – the key three that keep Chris striving in his role – also he reckons if you get the first two right, the third takes care of itself!

Thanks Chris!