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Time Out Tour by the Rural Support Trust

For farmers and growers, there are many unique challenges that come with living rurally. As the rural community faces increased pressure due to adverse events and economic hardship, looking after mental health and wellbeing is critical to being able to handle both personal challenges and those that are out of our control.

The Rural Support Trust is a nationwide network of trusts that aim to support farmers and growers experiencing challenging times, helping them identify ways to move forward and improve their mental wellbeing. The Trust are rural people themselves and understand the challenges that farmers and growers face living in isolated areas, having reduced services and being heavily reliant on the weather.

In 2022, Rural Trust partnered with farmer and TV personality Matt Chisholm to launch the Time Out Tour as a chance to connect with the rural community and continue the conversation about mental health. Acting as the Rural Support Trust ambassador, Matt has faced many of his own struggles, including being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but has learnt how to manage his mental health challenges to remain mentally fit for life. The Time Out Tour, which returned this November for four shows across the country, was a chance for Chisholm to share how he found a way through and discuss how rural communities can support each other.

The Trust focuses on three key areas of support for farmers and growers: one-on-one support, community events and assistance for those impacted by adverse events. "One-on-one support could be something as simple as a yarn around the kitchen table or connecting farmers and growers with specialist services" said Maria. The Trust also offers a dedicated, free and confidential helpline who connect rural employees needing support with the right people.

The Rural Support Trust not only aims to support rural people during times of hardship but also to help prepare them both physically and mentally to handle challenges as they arise and build resilience for the future.

If you would like to get in touch with Rural Support Trust for support, help identifying options to move forward, or to simply have a chat, call the dedicated free and confidential helpline on 0800 787 254.