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Feilding High School

Farmers of the Future

A school filled with future leaders of the agricultural industry and backed heavily by a supportive community, Feilding High School offers a unique experience to students who want to gain practical knowledge on how to care for animals and the environment around them.

Feilding High School has spent 100 years catering to their rural pupils, where students get the opportunity to take ownership of the farm, working it to the best of their ability whilst gaining a lot of exceptional skills that they can take with them.

Mary was born into an agricultural family; her parents were contractors and dairy farmers who have just recently moved into sheep fattening. Her job as farm manager at Feilding High School is just an extension of her childhood and her passion for farming. Mary loves the stock handling part of her role but, most importantly, teaching the students things that she has had the luxury of being brought up with. The students, even the experienced ones, are constantly learning new skills when it comes to stock, and Mary has the pleasure of working alongside them and guiding them through the process.