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Strength across the range

This month in the Goldpine Post, we take a look at our customers who are doing great work in their sector. We headed down to sunny Christchurch to meet three locals, all working on different projects in and around the Canterbury region. First, we visited Alan Dibnah from Strongline Projects, who happily showed us around the new mall project in Diamond Harbour. We caught up with Phil Richmond from Steve Brown Builders in Hillsborough who was working with his small team on a two story house. Last but not least, we spun some yarns with Jeremy Kay from Black Hill Ltd, who was busy putting in a retaining wall at a residential property in Mount Pleasant. One thing we noticed about each of these guys was the quality of work that they do and their confidence in the Goldpine products they use. If you have anything you would like to add, please get in touch with us using the form on our contact page. Check the tabs to find the edition for your region!